2017. August 25th, Friday / Péntek

2017. August 26th, Saturday / Szombat


Augusztus 25-i kvalif. napra     2499.- Ft/fő (egynapos jegy)
Augusztus 26-i verseny napra   2999.- Ft/fő (egynapos jegy)
Augusztus 25-26-ra                  3999.- Ft/fő (két napra érvényes)
Parkolójegy                              300.- Ft / kocsi / nap
VIP TORONY                         60.000.- Ft/2fő 
Gyerekjegy: 3-12-éves korig 1999.- Ft / fő a teljes rendezvény idejére, elővételben is vásárolható,
3 év alatt a belépés ingyenes


25th August qualif.day 10.- EUR/person (one day ticket Friday)
26th August race day   12.- EUR/person (one day ticket Saturday)
25-26th August         14.- EUR/person (valid for 2 days)
Parking Tickets         1.- EUR or 300 HUF / day / car
VIP TOWER               200.-EUR /2person 
Childrens: 3-12 year 8 EUR/person – valid for 2 days, avilable on presales too
entrance is free for childrens under 3 year
* a változtatás joga fenntartva.

The crazyest drivers from Europe attending every year. Who can beat them ?

2016 Trackwood Winners
Steve Baggsy Biagioni
James Deane
Max Heidrich
2015 Trackwood Winners
EEDC podium:
Pawel Trela
Bartos Stolarski
Andrius Vasiliauskas
2014 Trackwood Winners
EEDC podium:
Kristaps Bluss
Vladimir Marchenko
Ivo Cirulis
2013 Trackwood Winners
EEDC / Drift Allstars podium:
Mateusz Wlodarczyk
Alex Golovnya
Martin Richards
2012 Trackwood Winners
EEDC / Drift Allstars podium:
Max Tvardovskiy
Dmitriy Illyuk
Lakatos Zoltan

What we offer in Hungary Máriapócs:

  • 2ha camping area on the track
  • The best ever international and traditional cuisine
  • Local petrol station, supermarket, ATM, club within 10 min
  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Massive party zone Live Dj with international music
  • Excellent Hungarian wines, Beers and delicious palinka’s (traditional fire-water)
  • Beautiful girls

Online registration & Questions of racers can be sent to: info@drifting.hu

Local race coordinator and more information by Sms: +36 70 2339977
Location / Helyszín

  • Country: Hungary / City: Máriapócs / Track: Rabócsi Ring
  • GPS data: 47.862849, 22.028056 Link: Google Map

Location to other Cities / Távolságok

  • Nyíregyháza – 30 km
  • Debrecen – 60 km
  • Miskolc – 136 km
  • Budapest – 249 km

Locals Airports / Repterek

  • BUD Ferihegy – 261 km
  • DEB – Debrecen –  68 km

Train / Vonatok

  • Nyíregyháza – 30 km
  • Nyírbátor – 10km






Written by Giedrius Matulaitis on 22nd September 2012:

I have to admit, going to Hungary I’ve had split feelings – on one hand we had an opportunity to see how our (EEDC) drivers look going against “Drift AllStars” , probably the best drivers in Europe, a Hungarian drift culture which always had a lot of sexual content within it, and a worrisome night stage on a track which from videos looked slow and narrow… I was not sure what to expect.

But after a 1000 km once we got to the place all doubts  just vanished 🙂 The place was awesome! When you are in the camping area you literally have to travel 20 steps to the track, to the bar or the shower (shower facilities where very important because there was 35+ degrees heat all weekend), or to your own bed in the camper, well actually my sleeping bag stayed next to it on the grass both nights we’ve spend here… And the track – it was not slow at all , latter on drivers had proved that the first corner can be attacked at speeds well over 130km/h , but most important it has “wall” (bank) all around it , and spectators can safely stand , in some places, about 2 meters away from the cars flying by , seems like you could almost reach them… and I did tried – only with GoPro on a stick 😀 I felt like the Rally fan in Portugal in 80s in Group B’s golden years 😀

Well the “stage” was perfect, the lineup, of cars and drivers how gathered, promised – fierce battles right “from the bat” and no holding back, and the fact that, during drivers parade to the center of Mariapocs, the mayor, heads of the local church and even nuns have come to give there blessings and wish good luck “to those how are about to fight”, promised – the atmosphere like nowhere else!

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