Drift Games – Your dose of adrenalin for Spring 21-22.april Hungary


As they promised, Szabolcs Béres’s team has set its standards even higher, and visualized a race which is a worthy start of the drifting season. This is gonna be a huge adrenalin dose for the pilots and the fans as well. Don’t miss it, come and join us on 21-22, April 2018 at Rabocsiring, and be a part of the Drift Games’ madness.

During the Drift Games, pilots will race in 4 categories at Rabocsiring, where the track has been converted into a 2 separate tracks within the same round. This will be a huge challenge for the Hungarian pilots, because they have to measure their knowledge to the foreign pilots’, as the FIA CEZ Drift Championship and the 1st round of the Romanian Pro and Pro2 Drift Championship will also be organized within this race together with the Hungarian championship.

A record number of entries is expected for this race, because the track of Mariapocs has always attracted numerous pilots and the new track and the 4 new categories will bait the majority of the European drift pilots. There a 3 important innovations this year, which will lift the level of Drifting.hu’s competitions even higher.

First of all, pilots will race in 4 categories from this year on, with the following criterias:

  • AMATEUR / STREET : No engine-limitation, no tsuiso, no licence needed
  • PRO-AM/NOTURBO: Turbo is not allowed, pilots have tsuiso battles, PRO-AM minimum licence required
  • PRO-AM : No engine-limitation, pilots have tsuiso battles, PRO-AM PRO-AM minimum licence required
  • PRO: No engine-limitation, pilots have tsuiso battles, PRO licence required

Creating 2 separate tracks is also a significant innovation. They kept the old track, but thanks to an expansion, a completely new track has also been made, which is now waiting to be drifted on.  Pilots of PRO and PRO-AM will use the old track, while PRO-AM NO-TURBO and STREET pilots will race on the new track without the WALL.

The professional team of the juries has now 8 members, in order to be more effective with the bigger track and this high number of pilots.

It is an interesting an unique novelty, that Szabolcs Béres’s team allowed to have spotters. All pilots can ask a spotter to advise him/her from the edge of the track or even at the track, so they can do their best during the race.

The season opening Drift Games are very promising, because of the innovations and the new track all circumstances will be completely new. What doesn’t change: professional organization and a race with good athmosphere attracting many Hungarian and foreign pilots.

Come and join us on this race and get in the mood for the next race in June, where big dreams can come true, because Drift Masters Europe and Formula Drift is waiting right at the door of Drifting.hu and our beloved country.



Spotter Rules 2018 *

– These rules apply to competitions organized by drifting.hu until cancellation
– The spotter is required to register at registration with one time deposit of HUF 30,000., Which will be refunded after qualification
– 1 spotter per contestant can be given
– It is distinguished by a special armband
– You can only travel on the track as permitted by the authorized time
– You can not drive a racing car
– You can only stay on the track at the specified time
– You can only stay in the yellowe visible vest on the track
– If you commit an irregularity or unethical conduct against any competitor, spotter or organizer, a penalty of 30,000.- HUF will be imposed from SPOTTER, which will be deducted from the deposited was payed during the registration.

– If an irregularity is committed, DRIVER will be excluded (such as not taking up a yellow west, being outside the designated and authorized location, entering the track outside the designated time, recording the track within the track without permission from the organizer or store, post, share, or forward anywhere.

Remember: 21-22, April 2018 – DRIFT GAMES – Rabocsiring

Jegyárak / Ticket prices:

Belépő / Ticket: 2.500.- Ft or 10.- Eur
3-12 éves korig / 3-12 years : 1.500.-Ft or 5.- Eur

Belépő / Ticket: 3.000.- Ft or 10.- Eur
3-12 éves korig / 3-12 years : 1.500.-Ft or 5.- Eur

Kétnapos / Two days 2018.APR.21-22.
Belépő / Ticket : 4.500.- Ft or 15.- Eur
3-12 éves korig / 3-12 years : 2.000.- Ft or 7.- Eur

3 év alatt a belépés ingyenes / Under 3 years free
Parkolójegy 400.- Ft/nap/autó / Parking ticket 2.- Eur/Day/Car

What we offer you:
• 2ha camping area on the track
• The best ever international and traditional cuisine
• Local petrol station, supermarket, ATM, club within 10 min
• Cleanliness and hygiene
• Massive party zone Live Dj with international music
• Beautiful girls

Location / Helyszín
• Country: Hungary / City: Máriapócs / Track: Rabócsi Ring
• GPS data: 47.862849, 22.028056 Link: Google Map

Az ajánlatunk:
• 2 hektáros kemping terület a pályán belül
• Igazi party hangulat a Teraszon
• Benzinkút, bevásárlás, ATM, szállások 2 kilométeren belül
• Tisztaság és hygiénia
• Party Zóna és Live Dj
• Gyönyörű lányok

Location to other Cities / Távolságok
Nyírbátor – 10km
Nyíregyháza – 30 km
Debrecen – 60 km
Miskolc – 136 km
Budapest – 249 km
BUD Airport Ferihegy – 261 km
DEB Airport – Debrecen – 68 km

*a változtatás joga fenntartva / changes can be made anytime